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JCMCS leverages its broad knowledge and diverse skills possessed by team members in the areas of construction projects, contracts, and business management, to provide a variety of consultancy services.  Our approach focuses on providing professional consultancy services that satisfy our client’s needs and objectives a in cost-effective and timely manner.  These services include:

Construction Consulting
JCMCS provides a variety of construction consulting services in the areas of pre-construction services, estimating and budgeting, value-engineering, on-site construction services, including QA/AC, construction administration services, and the like.  We have also partnered with Professional Services, Inc. (PSI), one of the largest independent geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting and engineering testing firms in the United States, with 125 + offices and more than 2,500 technical skilled personnel, which allows significant capacity and reach in providing construction monitoring and testing.
Environmental Consulting
JCMCS leverages its technical expertise, proven strategies, and effective communication to provide sustainable, enhanced and environmental, Health and Safety services to clients in the Construction Industry.  Our services range from asbestos, lead and mold testing services, to environmental impact statements and environmental engineering services.  We have also developed strategic alliances with several large environmental engineering and testing firms (i.e.: Versar, Inc. one of the leading national environmental firms, especially with Federal Government projects; and PSI, the largest engineering, environmental, and construction testing firms in the nation) in order to provide our clients with even more capacity and superior services.

Energy Consulting
Because of our belief in sustainable (green) construction and energy efficiency, we provide energy consulting services, especially for constructed space.  Our services range from energy efficiency consulting, lighting retrofits, and utility-cost management to alternative energy consulting.  In that service area, we also partner with a number of energy services companies (ESCOS) in order to provide energy solutions which will have the greatest economic and environmental impact.
Business Consulting
Leveraging the broad knowledge and experience, and diverse skills possessed by our team members in the areas of construction, contracts, law and business management, JCMCS offers a myriad of professional business consultancy services that add value in the form of savings or additionally generated profits for our clients.  Our focus ranges from business process improvement solutions to education and training seminars for clients’ organizations.
IT and Data Management Consulting
Commercial and government clients alike are subject to market forces that dictate greater efficiency in their operation and management.  Technology serves as an essential tool toward accomplishing that objective.  Because the need for greater efficiency also exists in the construction industry vis-à-vis its use of technology, green-build, and energy management, the need for IT services in new-build construction as well as rehabilitative construction.  JCMCS, therefore, provides its clients with a select set of IT an data management services that include the following:

  • Document Conversion
  • Form Design
  • Data Conversion Administration
  • Data Migration and Integrity Support
  • On-Line Data Entry
  • On-Line Completion Survey
  • Network Support Services
  • Database development and Management
  • Staff and Management Support

Project Consulting

Project Development Services
– We assist clients with the critical thinking, planning and systematic discipline required to develop and execute a successful project.  We assist our clients with feasibility studies, project analysis, review of general project characteristics and performance requirements.  JCMCS helps our clients establish management information and reporting systems and to develop the preliminary budgets, master schedules, RFPs and RFQs, bid documents, project and contract documents.

Contract Management – The highly complex and litigious environment of commercial construction dictates that owners or their agents create strict alignment between the construction process and the legal documents that govern the engagement of the Contractor.  We add value throughout the contracting process from contract negotiation and the identification of contract issues to contract closeout.  We review the management of contract changes, scope changes, schedule changes, delays, equitable adjustments, claims, warranties, liquidated damages, breaches of contract, and the like.

Contract Drafting Support Services – JCMCS provides a broad range of contract support services including: drafting, reviewing, and negotiating simple construction contracts, such as technical services agreements or task order contracts, to complex engineering construction contracts such as lump-sum turnkey EPC agreements and a myriad of other commercial agreements, as needed by clients.  We formulate and establish company contracting policies and procedures on behalf of customers.

Claims/Contract Dispute Resolution – We review projects and associated contracts, evaluate project claims, prepare and negotiate contract claims, and participate in alternative dispute resolution processes, with strong emphasis on claims resolution.  We leverage all of our collective skills set -- tremendous project contract experience, and diverse claims and litigation experience—in order to save our clients the costly and distracting process of litigation.






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