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Today’s companies and government agencies have to balance safety, health, and environmental concerns with other concerns in every construction project they undertake.  These enlightened companies and responsible governments increasingly focus on safety and health measures as prerequisites to keeping workers safe, improving morale and company relations, increasing productivity and reducing process disruption.  Consequently, these owners insist on maintaining and constantly monitoring their environmental compliance, health and safety programs, and certifications.  JCMCS offers specialized service in the areas of industrial hygiene, environmental services, training and consulting.  The financial and non-financial rewards to a safe environment are tremendous!

JCMCS focuses on understanding and solving occupational and environmental concerns by analyzing, evaluating, and implementing control measures within relevant settings.  We provide commonsensical solutions and recommendations that adhere to federal, state and local regulations and standard operating procedures.  Our core consulting services help protect the environment, communities, companies, buildings and the people who occupy them in the following ways:

Occupational Health and Safety   

Industrial Hygiene Services
Injury and Illness Prevention
Indoor Air Quality & Assessment
Environmental Impact Statements
Other Select Services

Environmental Services 

Hazardous Materials Investigations
Program Development and Implementation
Hazardous Materials Remediation
Asbestos Abatement
Lead Paint & Dust Removal
Mold Remediation & Duct Cleaning
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal
Green Design
EH&S Audits and Inspections
Project Health and Safety Support

Education and Training            

Hazard Recognition by OSHA
Hazard Communication by OSHA
Disaster Response Training
Environmental Hazard Training
Management Training






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