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JCMCS provides commercial and government clients with strategic and ongoing
management support for the upkeep and enjoyment of their real estate assets. Our facilities management ("FM") services assist our clients with day-to-day maintenance and repair of facilities and associated systems, coordination and execution of emergency projects, interior arrangements, and other capital improvement projects related to their facilities. Our services assist owners with standard facility related issues that arise during the ordinary course of business in addition to those one-time and extraordinary situations that are not anticipated by enterprise managers, governmental agencies or owners that require immediate resolution. JCMCS focuses on providing timely, const-effective repair and maintenance services in a non-disruptive and professional manner. This approach allows our clients to maintain their primary organizational objectives and more effectively manage their core business. Below is a summarized description of our services:

Mechanical Planning, Design and Maintenance

Building Planning
System Specification
System Installation
Code Compliance

Workplace Planning, Allocation and Management

Workplace Design
Space Forecasting
Furniture Specification
Workflow Assessment
As-built Maintenance
Art Program Management

Alteration, Renovation and Workplace Installation

Renovation Management
Furniture Installation
Relocation Services
Data and Voice Installation

Operations, Maintenance and Repair

Facilities Maintenance
Exterior Maintenance
Light Construction
Building Repair Projects
Hazard Detection/Removal
Painting & Drywall
Landscaping Services
Management Training






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