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General Contracting

JCMCS provides an array of general contracting services and specialized construction services.  When combined with our pre-construction services they provide the client with the best of both worlds.  We work with the team up front and then competitively bid out the project to subcontractors to give the client maximum quality for the lowest cost.  We provide on-site supervision during construction and conduct regular owner meetings and job reviews to keep the team up to date regarding the status of the project.  We also monitor quality and safety with representatives from our company making frequent inspections.

Specialized Contracting

Building Alterations & Repairs (Interior/Exterior)
Selective Demolition

Due to our diverse experience in working with owners, developers, construction managers and general contractors, we can function in a variety of subcontracting structures as dictated by the size, scope, and individual needs of each project/client.  We can respond to a well defined scope of services or specialty construction services request, wearing the hat of a subcontractor.  As a subcontractor, we can perform a number of services from pre-construction services, on-site construction services, and environmental services, to specialized construction services in the areas of roofing, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, concrete services and demolition.  We also seek to perform local government and federal government projects via strategic teaming relationships and alliances.  We understand and appreciate the value-add provided to the client as a result of symbiotic teaming partnerships between two or more companies.  Additionally, we believe that teaming relationships provide us additional range and the ability to further grow our capacity and refine our areas of expertise, which inures to the ultimate benefit of the client when we provide them with value and superior services.






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