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JCMCS developed a 5-step process called the Solution Progression that we use as our operating methodology when approaching every project we undertake.  Having a refined process allows the Company to have a high level of consistency in the quality, delivery and success in the services we provide.  The Solution Progression also allows the Company and its clients to quickly achieve alignment in their expectations with respect to defining the scope of work, establishing adequate/reasonable budgets and setting realistic timelines.  While the scale of the project and our Company’s role may occasionally dictate adjustments to each or all of the steps, our clients appreciate the transparency and reliability this process provides.  JCMCS stars the engagement process by getting a broad and nuanced perspective of our client’s expectations and needs and concludes with our client’s concrete stamp of approval and satisfaction at closeout.  Here are the five steps of the Solution Progression:
    1. Assess Client Need & Define Project Scope
    2. Formulate, Support & Challenge Assumptions for Project Execution
    3. Perform Critical Analyses
    4. Outline Deliverables and Present Implementation Plan
    5. Implement Plan & Monitor Performance (Focusing on Project Execution and Project Administration)

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