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“Ethos” As a quality design-build, construction services company we promote excellence, honesty and integrity in all our efforts; establishing and maintaining order in all our habits; seeking a final project that is superior down to the smallest detail, and committing to our role as a community leader by generously giving back a portion of all of our talents.


There are four guiding principles by which we manage our business:

  1. We first understand our clients’ project goals, and develop solutions that are consistent with those goals.
  2. Teamwork and “win-win” relationships with our clients, vendors, subcontractors and associates are the foundation of our business.
  3. We provide cost-effective strategies that fit our client’s budget and schedule.
  4. We take pride in the quality and safety of our work.

We achieve success by:

  1. Putting our clients’ needs first.
  2. Providing a management approach that is customized to each client’s unique requirements.
  3. Focusing specialized technical expertise onto each client we serve.
  4. Maintaining the highest technical and ethical standards.
  5. Staying in front of changing regulations and technological advancements in the industry.

Our clients are our resource. We place a high value on our relationships and provide service that exceeds expectations. Client relationships must be nourished to develop into a process of teamwork and mutual trust.


Our assets are our people, our experience, our reputation and our financial resources. They are our gold. We must respect them, shape them and cause them to grow in value and worth. They will provide us stability and security.


Our corporate morale will not be reliant on circumstance; therefore our worth at the end of the day will not be measured by how much we accomplished, but for the reason we worked at all, and if the path we took was straight.


Environment affects who we are. We have established what we will call our approach about green and that is represented by the acronym GREENLIFE which stands for L -live with I- interest and F-focus on E- environment.


Wisdom is the key to our ability to excel. We must always seek wisdom and the best way to approach a situation. We must look for ways to improve and increase our knowledge in order to grow and succeed.


Honesty is an absolute; it can have no compromise. We will be totally honest in all relationships with peers, clients and most importantly ourselves. Integrity will provide us the strength to succeed.


Goals provide direction to reach our corporate purpose. Objectives provide the means to monitor the progress and success in achieving a goal. Our long-term growth will occur when we successfully follow our systems.


At JCMCS, we continuously improve our processes, our tools, and our approach to doing business so that we can provide lasting value to our clients. To achieve the highest standards, we measure our performance against National and Company Standards, as well as the quality goals set for each project.

Our Quality Program is integrated with our client’s program so that we are able to create a seamless process for maintaining quality; resulting in enhanced communications, shared goals, reduced order changes, minimized re-work, and quality performance every time.






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